Wholesale coriander seeds


Export of coriander Ukrainian origin wholesale

Ukraine is traditionally included in the TOP 10 countries of coriander exporters, Ukraine supplies the bulk of coriander seeds in the form of whole grains.

Coriander is considered one of the healthiest spices, which can explain the stable demand for it and the volume of world trade of about $ 200 million. Our country has every chance to increase both the production and export of this essential oil plant.

It is used in pharmacology, perfumery and in the manufacture of alcoholic beverages. In perfumery and cosmetics, coriander is used to impart rose and lily of the valley scents to products.

TEKLINE offers coriander for export in bulk to new and regular customers in 20 kg packaging. We ship coriander in PP bags tightly packed in 40 DV so that every client is satisfied.