Sugar beet pulp

Sugar beet pulp in pellets buy from Tekline. Photo 1

Moisture: 14% max
Purity: 98% min
Protein: 7% min
Foreign matters: 2% max
Non-granulated sugar beet pulp: 10% max
Sugar beet pulp is product of sugar beet processing. It is left over from root vegetables during the sugar production process. Farms benefit from beet pulp with low cost, high nutritional value and naturalness.
Beet pulp in pellets is used as animal feed. It is rich in useful elements and has a good effect on the productivity of livestock. The use of granulated beet pulp has many advantages.
Beet pulp in pellets is stored for a long time, therefore it is suitable for purchasing in large quantities. At the same time, almost all useful substances are preserved.
PE Tekline sells sugar beet pulp in pellets to world market.