Striped sunflower seeds

Striped sunflower seeds buy from Tekline. Photo 1

Moisture: 10% max
Purity: 98% min
Foreign matters: 2% max
Oil content: 40% max
Sunflower is the main oilseed crop in Ukraine. Ukraine is one of the largest sunflower producers and exporters in the world. Sunflower, as a versatile plant, is grown on almost all types of soil and is used in the food industry, pharmaceuticals, and acts as an ecological fuel and animal feed. For commercial purposes, sunflower seeds are classified by the color of the husk. If it is completely black, then this species can be attributed to oilseeds.
Striped sunflower seeds (Helianthus annuus) are mainly used for food production and are also added to animal feed mixes.
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