Black millet

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Black millet of Ukrainian origin wholesale for export

Black millet (lat. Panicum) is a culture that appeared not long ago on the Ukrainian grain market, and immediately began to conquer foreign markets, although the price of black millet is usually higher than millet of other types, black millet is nowadays usually used for grain mixtures for songbirds.

Black millet and its cultivation technology is similar to other types of millet and the yield of black millet seeds is up to 18 c / ha, which makes it attractive for cultivation.
Black millet is a valuable niche crop. You can buy black millet from Ukraine by contacting through the feedback form on our website.

Why customers choose TEKLINE

The company has been exporting black millet for many years in a row. Сlients always are satisfied with the products of our production, because the main task of the company is to ship on time a product of exceptionally high quality.

Favorable price of millet for export from Ukraine, convenient packing in pp bags from 20 to 50 kg, reliable packaging and transportation, high-quality service and readiness to promptly resolve emerging issues – these are the reasons to choose TEKLINE as your regular partner.