Lupine seeds

Lupine buy from Tekline. Photo 1

Moisture: 15% max
Purity: 99% min
Foreign matters: 1% max
Grain admixture: 4% max

Lupine seeds (Lupinus polyphyllus) are a multipurpose crop. First of all, it is a high-protein forage crop. Its seeds contain an average of 32 to 46% protein, depending on the species. By the amount of protein in the harvest, lupine surpasses peas, soybeans, vetch and other fodder crops.

In addition, lupine also takes a leading position in protein quality (content of essential amino acids).

Possessing a unique nitrogen-fixing and high phosphate-mobilizing ability, lupine is grown without the use of nitrogen and phosphorus mineral fertilizers, and the developed technology of its cultivation in mixed crops with cereals allows without the use of mineral fertilizers, herbicides and other chemical crop protection agents.