Sorghum white

Sorghum White buy from Tekline. Photo 1

Sorghum white Ukrainian origin

White sorghum is one of the most popular niche grains, its properties are very close to corn and therefore sorghum has a very high application, primarily as a fodder crop, sorghum is also used for the production of alcohol and starch.

Ukraine is assigned one of the key roles in the production of white sorghum in the world, since our state is already one of the largest producers and supplier of this crop in Europe with an area of ​​crops of more than 60 thousand hectares and a production volume of more than 246 thousand tons.

Traditionally, the main importing countries have been Spain, Turkey and Israel for several years in a row.

Tekline company became one of the first to start selling red sorghum for export from Ukraine using container norms, thus opening new markets for Ukrainian grain.