Millet wholesale

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Millet groats (hulled millets) wholesale for export

Tekline Ukraine is an exporter of high quality hulled millet to foreign markets. Ukrainian grain products are highly valued in Western Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, North and South America. The export price of millet is affordable, despite the enormous benefits for the body.

The benefits of millet

Most often, millet is purchased for human consumption due to its many beneficial properties.

Key Fact: Millet groats is one of the least allergenic crops and is gluten free. These products are rich in vitamins and other elements useful for the human body:

  • Vitamins B2, B5, B6 protect the nervous system and are involved in metabolism.
  • The amino acids Valine, Leucine, Threonine, which by themselves are not produced in the body, are important participants in biochemical processes.
  • Phosphorus. In combination with milk, thanks to phosphorus, millet helps to improve intellectual activity and strengthens bones and teeth.
  • Calcium supports the functioning of the nervous and immune systems, stabilizes blood clotting and hardens bones.
  • Magnesium has a positive effect on the cardiovascular, nervous system, and also helps normal cell division.

Millet groats has a “cleansing” effect, which is especially important for residents of cities and polluted areas. Scientists have proven that when millet is consumed, heavy metal ions combine and are easier to remove from the body, as well as residual decay products. It also helps to eliminate free radicals, toxins and toxins.

Tekline Ukraine – provides only the highest grade of millet for export from Ukraine. It has already been appreciated in many countries of the world.

Delivery conditions: CFR, CIF, EXW, DDP, FAS, FOB
Payment Option: L/C, D/P, T/T

All goods we supply are of sound quality, marketable and in all respects suitable for the purpose for which they were purchased.